Kitchen Overhaul

Out with the old, in with the new!

During these fun and spirited sessions we’ll not only create a more efficient space so you can easily find what you need, we’ll also make sure that it’s stocked with healthy foods that you’ll actually want to eat.

As we clear out and evaluate each item, you’ll gain insight into which foods don’t serve you—and why. We’ll ensure you’re never staring blankly into your cabinets with no clue what to make by generating a customized list of exciting foods to keep on hand. You’ll also get a comprehensive list of new ideas and lip-smacking recipes so you will always be inspired to make nourishing meals every day.

This service can be standalone or you can add it on to another program. We can even combine the Kitchen Overhaul with a Grocery Shop Session so you can solidify your new, deeply nourishing lifestyle on all levels.