Are you a high-achieving creative who functions at a high level, but your body is giving you some serious pushback?

Are you having physical issues that are preventing you from being your BEST and creating the powerful results you normally do?

Trouble sleeping? Upset digestion? Brain fog? Maybe you just know that you’re not functioning “at your best” and what used to work to manage that just is working quite the same these days.

The way to ACCELERATE your physical healing is to RESET your body and brain with a deep level of rest and nourishment.

Join me in Mexico for relaxation and deep nourishment!

March 16-21, 2019

A retreat for stressed out creatives that want to break habits and enjoy a real and powerful existence in the world.


Why this retreat creates life-changing results:


Recharging is essential, and it can only really be done by stepping away from your everyday environment. Many years of personal and professional experience has taught me this fact. Your body truly heals when you rest, that’s a fact. You’re not just taking some time away, you are focusing all of your energy on yourself and allowing for accelerated healing, growth and connection.


Moving into your next level requires a different mindset and new habits. Sanoviv is a testbed for change of habits that allows you to break the unwanted patterns of your normal life. This is vital! You’ll learn that you don’t need to be so reliant on outside stimulus of certain foods, drinks or actions.  Sometimes those things are just in your way.


This unique retreat provides an unbelievable concentration of tools and expertise that are rarely offered all in one place. These are lasting tools that are going to change your life for the better!  It’s sometimes surprising to discover what is possible within the power of learning about various aspects of our health, along with receiving the support for putting it into practice. That’s the real deal!

Unforgettable Environment

This is an environment like none you’ve ever experienced. You will be surrounded by beauty and a gentle environment where you can feel safe to practice new ways of being. Attending Sanoviv is entering a grounded, higher level of calm. Wake up to a new energy that you didn’t know was inside of you.


Community builds immunity! Change is way more difficult without support. In our everyday life we are pulled apart by technology and obligations. The retreat gives like-minded people the opportunity to come together and make changes together. There is something special about this process that I have found time and time again to be quite special (and fun too!). We need more of that!


Self care is about optimal levels of wellness not just bumping along.

You may be so focused on your outside world that you’ve lost track of taking care of yourself. And your body is telling you that it needs attention!

It’s time to prioritize your wellness.


This is a special opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. Join me for this exclusive health and wellness retreat, hosted by Sanoviv. This is a unique place, unlike any other. AND this is the LAST time a retreat will be offered here!

Sit back and picture it: Spending quality, relaxed time with a small group of people who know that taking time out to focus on your own wellness is one of the best things you can do for your life! Get ready to reconnect, renew, learn, and slow down. Isn’t it time to do something for you?


The Details

When: March 16-21, 2019

Where: Baja California, Mexico

Cost: normally $3,800

Discounted rates:

$1,997 for a single room and $1,797 for a shared room

Includes: a variety of experiences including: all inclusive - all Organic Professionally Made Nutrient Dense Healing Food, Snacks, Juicing, Health Assessments, Individual Spa & Therapies, Group Classes, and so much more.

Deadline: registration closes on November 23rd!

Note: LIMITED SPACES! Space will fill up, reserve your spot today!

Come join me to listen to the ocean, play, enjoy restorative rest, pleasure of various kinds, and experience fun, creative self-expression and connection….real connection! It’s rare we get to step out of our day-to-day lives and dedicate it to our wellness.  I know how rewarding this can be because I have done it and have experienced the tremendous results, connected with really special people that have become some of my closest friends, healed long term chronic pain, totally turned around my digestive dysfunction, let go of unhealthy inflammation and weight and watched others do the same (and much more).

Are you ready to rest, recharge and renew? I can’t wait to see you there!


Schedule a call with Jessica HERE to talk more about it.


What people are saying

Life-changing. New appreciation of what a true healing environment is all about and how it feels. I received prompt care when I experienced severe neck pain. Was also great to have all the healing modalities available to support my situation as the week progressed. Had my first visit (in my life) with a chiropractor and was able to get over my fear of that type of treatment due to the caring and comforting and competent presence of Raymundo. What did I like best? Everything!

- Carol Ebert


A relaxing retreat with 'all about me' moments. You're lead through an amazing detox with incredible food made by love! Shared with the most genuine beautiful women which created such magical moments! Highly recommended to take time for yourself, yet surrounded by powerful women who lift each other up! Magical!

- Tammy G.


What You Will Experience

This all-inclusive, 6-day, 5-night retreat is for specially discounted group pricing which includes your ocean-view room, all organic meals & snacks, spa, massage, facial, reflexology, as well as transport to and from the San Diego airport. You can add on additional services at Sanoviv's facility and spa as well.


Additional Sanoviv EXPERIENCES

  • Free shuttle to/from San Diego

  • Natural-fiber clothing provided (you don’t need to bring ANYTHING to wear other than a bathing suit and the clothes you arrive and leave in!)

  • Rebounder in every room (you will learn about this more soon)

  • Chi machine in every room (you will love this!)

  • Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free meals

  • Unlimited use of infrared sauna

  • Unlimited use Thalasso pools

  • Seaside jogging/walking track

  • Sanoviv Recipe Book

Educational Training

  • Group Opening and Closing sessions (plus bonus gatherings with the group and options for one-on-one sessions with me if you’d like-- it’s my extra offering to you : )

  • I will also be offering follow up group calls so that you can continue implementing all you have learned once you are back at home.

  • Personal Development Seminars

  • Nutrition Advisor Training (5-hours)


  • Body Composition Assessment

  • Glucose Test

  • Group Fitness Assessment

Individual Spa & therapies

  • Reflexology

  • Swedish Massage

  • Facial

  • Bioenergy Therapy

Group Classes

  • Meditation & Energy Medicine

  • Un-cook your Lunch – Hands-on Food Prep

  • Retreat Fitness Classes

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Psychology Lectures


About Sanoviv

Sanoviv is a world-renowned Functional Medicine hospital located about an hour south of San Diego in Baja, California. The hospital sits on a beautiful cliff right on the ocean -- that means stunning 180 degree views, and falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Instead of treating just symptoms, as is done in traditional medicine, Sanoviv uses “Functional Medicine” which addresses and treats the underlying causes of disease. Both patient and practitioner are involved in the treatment decisions when treating the whole body and the disease. Sanoviv is the first medical facility to be certified by the highly regarded Institute of Functional medicine located in Washington.

Go to to watch a video of Sanoviv.