Do you have something to share?  I appreciate each and every one of my clients and I would love it if you would take the time to write a little bit about your experience working with me so others who could benefit from my support can see how I've impacted your life!  Thank you!

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“Through my work with Jessica, I believe more in myself; more confidence; I accept where I am physically & mentally; I am back into yoga and daily meditation! I have started dreaming again (that had been absent from my life for years!). I have shared things with her that I’ve never told anyone; I have bared my soul to her. Incredible new opportunities have opened up for me and I am taking steps I never even considered. I have the confidence to keep blooming, bringing me back to the person I used to be, but the WISER version, a happier and much healthier version!! Jessica has helped my life grow tremendously, encouraged and helped me think new thoughts, and try new things, all for the better. Every time after we talk, I feel like I do waking from a great night’s sleep –— like I can conquer the world!! I love Jessica’s presence and energy.”

- Sharon C., Professional Artist and Yoga Teacher

"Jessica is able to name the things we are most afraid to give voice to. She coaxes out of us what we swear will never see the light of day and changes the way it takes up space in our bodies and minds. Her healing gives us space to grieve, celebrate, embrace, and gently approach ourselves. My experience with her is and continues to be so special, as she helps with my chronic stomach problems. She really finds where things have taken root, and explores all the branches of how it affects our lives. Jessica approaches her work, in my experience, armed with many reparative and supportive practices. I’m grateful for her optimism, non-traditional approach to dealing with pain, and integrative healing work."

-Sophie H, Actress

“This coaching experience has been life changing. It has me striving to succeed in every part of my life. Jessica is brilliant! She helps with many options that we can consider and implement. She makes it fun and easy going. I was a mess! I was incredibly unhealthy, depressed, and miserable. I was scared, nervous, and doubtful in myself that I could do this. She motivates me to keep pushing forward. I have completely turned my life around! And like she says, weight loss is a healthy side effect of making sustainable changes and healing! I lost 40 pounds.  I'm eating nourishing food. I am very active and work out 5 days a week. I have so much energy and my happiness has come back.

When we started I was going through some of the hardest times in my life. For years I have been feeling horrible. I was gaining weight for seemingly no reason. I was depressed, beyond exhausted and my hair was falling out. In early February of 2018 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I had no idea what is was or even what to do. My doctor told me to go gluten free and stay away from dairy. Well let me tell you, I was the farthest away from gluten and dairy free. I didn’t even know where to start! Luckily Jessica came into my life. She saved me. She really did. I had no idea how to heal myself. All I knew was I NEEDED to feel better and I NEEDED help. Jessica started me on the journey of turning my life around. It was more than just what to eat. She brought to light my emotional eating triggers, how to manage my stress, how to take care of my whole being. I am forever grateful for her knowledge, kindness and support. Jessica made me realize that I have to take care of myself, no one else is going to do it for me and that I am a powerful beautiful person. I am now watching how people are killing themselves with what they are consuming! I have learned how everything we put in our bodies affects us greatly and that’s more than just food! When we are nourishing our bodies, we also nourish our mind, it’s all connected.”

 - L. M.

"I am in an industry which demands peak performance of its leaders, which I liken to the demands of a professional athlete both physically, albeit in different physical ways, and mentally, also different but as extreme. If you are not in “shape” you will perish. Those demands require vigilance and rigor and help like professional athletes require. For years I have found it difficult to describe what Jessica “does”. She understands all this and can “see” what shape and state would be optimal for me given my demands and ambitions. She is a sculptor who knows what shape our mind and body need to become to be liberated.  She works backwards from there. She works to create in one an optimal state and shape starting from what she sees as the shape we are currently in, my results with her have been nothing short of miraculous. If you are interested in mastery and peak performance (where things become easier and more effortless and not harder), then she is one of a kind.”

- TS, C.E.O at Top International Financial Institution

"I am not being hyperbolic when I say that working with Jessica saved my life.

Jessica helped me set my feet on a path that incorporates self-acceptance, self-love, and self-nourishment on a multiplicity of levels, to re-define healthy. My progress has been incredible, but I don’t feel fixed. Instead I realize I never needed fixing, I just needed to see that I was on a path and I desperately needed someone to guide me. Jessica was that person, and our work together has been nothing short of miraculous.

Together we incorporate nourishment of my body with nourishment of my mind and spirit. Jessica has taught me invaluably about physical nutrition, but more importantly she opened my eyes to the ever expanding joy that is my reason for being here. When I follow that joy, my body issues, my food obsession, my depression all fall into place. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

In her I did find an expert on physical nutrition. I also found an expert on holisitic nutrition; a rock of support, friendship, love, advice. I joke with Jessica that I hear her voice in my head when I’m making any one of a range of choices, whether it be what to eat or whether to work or whether I’m allowed to rest and countless other little choices, all the choices that make up a life. Most miraculously I believe more and more every day that to embrace everything that comes with each day – no matter how I feel about my body, my work, my relationships, god, or myself – is infinitely more important than each of the elements that make up the day.

Thanks Jessica."

-Erin, International Human Rights Lawyer

"Her spirit and intuition are linked with her magical hands, as she knows just what parts of your body need attention. When it comes to body/nutrition issues, she knows her stuff and is an excellent resource for any physical malady. Jessica is a professional who is not afraid to show her caring and concern for her clients."

-Helen M, Therapist and Professional Singer

"When I began working with Jessica, I was pretty bummed out about the way I felt and the way I looked. I felt really bloated and uncomfortable. I was going through some medical issues and I felt like I needed to get my health/diet in order. Since starting my work with her, I have lost weight and made a real effort to eat healthier and pay way more attention to what I eat than ever before, and I'm feeling so much better. Also, I have improved my general awareness of my body and mind.  I also lost a significant amount of weight, which was my ultimate goal. Through some of the things we worked and as a result of the changes I’ve made, my relationships have never been better. It was as though I was seen and heard and was able to break through some barriers and allow myself to discover some renewed intimacy.

Jessica is an incredibly kind, honest and generous person to work with. She never made me feel bad or sad about anything I told her or shared with her. She responded incredibly quickly either on email or by text whenever I had a question or was feeling bummed about something specific. She is such a POSITIVE person and that was so helpful to me, because I can get down and resort to some old bad habits. With her support and positive encouragement I was always able to get back on track.

My work with Jessica really gave me the support I need to start the process and continue. She's positive, attentive and always makes herself available. And she's tried and true. Her methods and philosophies really work! I was having such a hard time getting started on any 'health program' and she was the jumpstart I needed. She was so helpful with recipes and different food alternatives to things I was eating. She was so intuitive to my body and my mind in terms of what would work and what wouldn't. I'm pretty sure she saved me from a slippery slope of unhealthy behaviors that were just getting worse. I'm forever thankful for Jessica and her support, patience and guidance. I only hope to continue to work with her."

-Amanda Z

"Jessica is somebody who has helped me enact my health priorities and has given me permission to nurture myself on another level. To be able to have a coach and guide like Jessica who can handle an intense person like me takes a lot.

One thing I love is that Jessica remains completely energetically available to me in order for me to deepen my health and nurture myself. At the same time, what she brings to me is very hard to put into words; I trust her with my life, but yet she does not take responsibility for it, which is very empowering.

For someone to be able to transform my 24-year journey from food and recovery issues and then go to the next and most deep level, is remarkable. I can honestly say I now have zero issues with food and overeating. I now nourish myself with nutrition as a non-negotiable in my life no matter what is happening. This is something I am beyond grateful for AND I even lost weight without EVER dieting.

The bottom line about Jessica is that she is a leader of leaders."

-Dr. Tracy T, Therapist, Coach, and Addiction Specialist

"Before I went to Jessica, my body was all kinds of messed up, and I honestly did not like getting massages at all. I wasn't looking to be pampered and all that; I really wanted help with my body. I was experiencing a lot of pain in a few places in my body due to a heavy travel schedule, a lot of computer work, physical work that involved crouching and holding uncomfortable positions (as a photographer/videographer with a lot of heavy gear, shooting long hours), and also due to an old and slow-to-heal injury from over-exercising. I feel like my body is in a totally different place now, not as stiff or as painful, not waking me up in the middle of the night, not just from Jessica's magic, but also from the wisdom she imparts about how to take better care of myself. A session with Jessica always leaves me feeling awesome, renewed, and on a healing path, with more energy and lightness. I wish there was one of her in every city since I travel so much! I have not been able to find anyone like here anywhere else on the planet!"

-Caroline White, Award Winning International Photographer

"My work with Jessica has been one of the most valuable experiences of my adult life. When I came to her I felt very lost and frustrated. I feared I would never know what healthy really meant for ME. With Jessica's guidance I was able to finally build a strong foundation for my physical health and well-being. She also opened my eyes to how that wellness intertwines with both my mental and emotional state. Jessica's approach incorporates her profound knowledge in the science of food/digestion, her instincts as a natural healer, and her enormous heart. I now go forward confident in myself and knowing what my body needs to be healthy and happy. I am so thankful for her help and counsel."

-Courtney W.

"Working with Jessica changed my life - through a combination of bodywork and nutritional and lifestyle support, Jessica helped me reduce a lot of anxiety, learn how to eat in ways that supported my digestion, ease back pain, and honestly SO much more. This list goes on and on.

But I think the MOST important thing that Jessica helped me do was to trust that my body is inherently strong and inherently healthy, and that I have the power not only to heal myself but to make the right decisions about my body. Jessica has an amazingly powerful way of helping you make good decisions without feeling like you’re depriving yourself in any way. In fact, she helps you eat better while feeling so much more abundant and pleasure towards what you eat. Pure magic!"

-Joanna Lindenbaum, Transformational Coach and Thought Leader

"Jessica's wealth of knowledge, experience and helpful insights gave me the confidence I needed to start my career as a health coach. Thank you Jessica!"

-Rivkah K, Holistic Health Coach

“My sessions with Jessica were an opportunity to reflect on patterns of thought, eating habits, and work-life issues that created a particular environment for me.  Gradually, I felt like I went from being a car with four flat tires to being a cyclist starting with training wheels and then going on without them. The progress was helped by Jessica's patience, support and guidance.

Her smile is comforting and mirrors the kind of acceptance that we all could benefit from.  It prompted me to learn more about nutrition and good choices without judgment. Jessica can help you normalize your experiences and patterns while moving you to your own right action with regards to food choices; emotional responses and self acceptance related to the array of relationships that impact eating and the sense of well-being.”

-Sharon C, Inspirational Speaker and Author

“I have been working steadily with Jessica for several years now. Under her guidance and support I have gained the knowledge and wherewithal to change my health and eating habits dramatically for the better. I have lost an average of 8-11 lbs. and my cholesterol numbers have dropped 25%. I recently got a glowing review from my doctor after my last annual physical. Jessica is a warm and comforting spirit, never judgmental, and has given me consistent advice throughout our work together. I plan on continuing this journey with her, and I strongly recommend working with her.”

-Lloyd  L, Professional Musician and Music Producer

"It's been about two years that I've known Jessica and I can say with confidence that she changed my life for the better. When I came to her for a massage I thought I was going to just lie on the table, get a massage, and feel great. Of course I felt very relaxed afterwords, however what I experienced on the table was much deeper than what I had originally thought.

Jessica is much more than a massage therapist. She is also a health coach and a healer. Her kindness and compassion is expressed with every word and movement when she works with you. She was always sure to check in with me, making sure I felt safe, and comfortable. What surprised me the most is that both times Jessica gave me a massage I found myself reflecting on my life in a new way and releasing parts of myself/past that were not working for me. Gaining this refreshing new perspective about my past is only a fraction of what occurred during the time I was getting a massage. It is truly an honor to know and be able to work with Jessica. To this day I still send Jessica love and light when I think of the wonderful shifts that she helped provide for me on my journey to wholeness!"

-Betsy C, Psychic and Coach

“While I am still a work in progress, I feel I now make more informed decisions when it comes to my health and don't feel like I'm ‘missing out’ (I am celiac and diabetic). Not to mention that she taught me to cook things I never thought were possible with my lack of cooking experience. : )

I think knowing that Jessica is there to support, not break down, your choices and being a positive influence has been a great comfort as I strive to be healthier. Use her as a tool to make your life better!”

-Kristen S, Sommelier

“I have been going to Jessica for massage therapy since 2008. Working long hours on my feet as an RN, I had developed both neck and back pain. At that time, I felt emotionally overwhelmed from working in a highly stressful environment and knew I needed help.  From my very first session with Jessica I knew that she was an extremely skilled and intuitive healer. In a very short period of time, I seemed to release years of tension and emotional trauma from my body. My back pain disappeared and a felt more centered.

Jessica has been both extremely caring and professional with me throughout the time that I have known her. Jessica is knowledgeable beyond her years, a truly gifted practioner. I also appreciate her creative approach, which makes sustainable lifestyle changes not only possible, but fun! I look forward to continuing to work with her and highly recommend her for both body work and health coaching.”

-Liz G, Holistic Nurse Practitioner

"I'm in week 5 of 13 in my immersive coding program! And I ended up getting a full scholarship to attend, so all the pressure of the loans and debt is completely removed. I'm so thankful, and feel so lucky.

I feel so thankful you and I did our work together before going into this. I really feel that I've been able to take this on in stride and succeed because I know the things I need to do to maintain me now.It doesn't feel like being strict or punishing myself in any way - I absolutely give myself permission to eat whatever, whenever I want. But most of the time I choose to be kinder myself by making myself feel as good as possible for the rest of the day. Treating myself to a long walk feels so much more restorative, and I find that's what I reach for when I'm feeling stressed/overwhelmed. And it really does feel like a treat to give myself! Not that everything's easy, but now I'm able to quickly identify the physical symptoms that mean I was worried about something else, and dig deeper to figure out my anxieties. That awareness feels like such a gift, instead of it all being so buried.

So thank you so much for everything!!"

-Ruth P.

“Jessica is an outstanding partner and coach! She will approach each session with a listening ear and very relevant and often challenging suggestions. The time I have spent with Jessica has helped me see the areas in my life that I would like to continue working on. Each session felt like a fun chat with your very best friend! I loved that. My work with Jessica fully supported my initial goals and then allowed me to delve deeper and create additional goals that I had never even considered. It opened up even more for me!”

“When I started working with Jessica I felt like most things in my life were spinning out of control. I decided that I needed to get help from Jessica so I could gain control of my nutrition and then hopefully everything else would fall into place. I have made a number of significant changes in my diet and lifestyle that have greatly helped put everything into perspective. I am now feeding my body the food and general nutrition that it needs. I am making time for myself a priority and not an afterthought. I am sleeping better and resting instead of pushing through each day until exhaustion. It is clear to me now that the nutrition I give my body is important but even perfect nutrition is not enough. It is critically important to take care of all areas of your life in order to find complete health and wellness. Working with Jessica has been a true privilege! Her knowledge and experience was incredibly vital in helping me to work through the changes that we made together. I will forever value the time spent with her and would recommend that everyone invest in working with her at some point in their life.”

 - N. R.

Do you have something to share?  I appreciate each and every one of my clients and I would love it if you would take the time to write a little bit about your experience working with me so others who could benefit from my support can see how I've impacted your life!  Thank you!

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