Jessica Ruth Shepard

Holistic Health Coach and Body Wellness


Some things—decadent chocolate, a dream vacation—are worth waiting for.

Feeling fantastic in your body isn’t one of them.

But sometimes it’s hard to remember what it’s like to feel good because that part of you feels very “once upon a time in a land far, far away…”

Energy is something that you sip in your coffee nowadays and you don’t even know what to eat anymore, thanks to every new fad.

Extra weight and inflammation has made its way like a rude houseguest–no thanks to the world- champion snacking you do every time you have a difficult feeling.

The worst of it all is the negative self-talk. (You wouldn’t give a plant poison and hope it grows!)

You know you’ve got a better self in there!

The one who’s bold and brassy and can do anything she wants. The one who has gotten off medications using kale and green smoothies...not pills that have side effects worse than the initial issue.

The one who dropkicked the scary numbers in her blood work and treats herself like a queen because she knows nourishment happens on all levels.

This isn’t la-la land. This is Future-You who knows exactly what to put in your body, both food-wise and in your mind. This is the you who isn’t trapped by negative thought patterns, doesn’t even see stress anymore, and can’t remember the last time she felt overwhelm. And she’s waiting for you to take her out to play!

When you put your health and self care first…fireworks happen in all aspects of your life.

This is Future-You who knows exactly what to put in your body, both food-wise and in your mind.

Think of me as the best box of matches you’ve ever had.

I’m Jessica, here to guide you back to your sparky self with tools you’ll use for life. I can help you listen to your body’s wise messages that have been quieted for too long so you can open up to the brilliance that’s waiting for you.  


It’s no accident you’re scrolling through this website. You want higher vibrations?

Let’s get you buzzing!

If you’re ready to shift old beliefs, get ahold of me today. We’ll have a real conversation about how I can help you get the kind of transformation to write home about.

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