Current Events

Join me in an upcoming event! Can’t wait to work together.

Sanoviv Retreat

March 16-21, 2019

Join me in Mexico for relaxation and deep nourishment!

A retreat for stressed out creatives that want to break habits and enjoy a real and powerful existence in the world.

Past Events

Check out the fun events I have hosted or promoted in the past!


Spring RESET Cleanse: Info session with Holistic Health Coach Jessica Shepard

May 17th, 1pm - 2pm

I help people heal the health problems (pain, inflammation, digestive issues, weight, hormonal and energy issues, thyroid, migraines, etc.) that are affecting their lives in big and small ways. I use nutrition, bodywork, proper supplementation, and deep inner work to clear what is damaging their body on a core level. The 5-Day Spring RESET is a great way to get started or to just give your body a rest! 


Women’s INpowerment Telesummit: Transform Your Life from the INside Out

June 20 - 24

aA diverse group of 10 powerful practitioners sharing unique perspectives on the many ways women disINpower ourselves AND providing simple practices for you to become even more INpowered – from sexuality to our relationship with time to our creativity, perfectionism, and desire to be liked (and so much more).


Lighten Up

June 3rd

This workshop is here to help you allow things to emerge easily and organically in your life, to get more in touch with yourself and how you feel, to have better energy, and to show up more for yourself and the healing of your story. 


Lighten Up Preview

May 20th

Interested in the June 3rd workshop but can’t make it then? Join me on May 20 (at Studio Maya) for a different kind of learning experience to write a new story for your health this spring. Learn, play, connect with an intimate group and release what’s holding you back so that you can Lighten UP.

After a long winter that can truly weigh the body down, it’s time to clear the way and write a new story for your health this spring. 
This workshop is here to help you allow things to emerge easily and organically in your life, to get more in touch with yourself and how you feel, to have better energy, and to show up more for yourself and the healing of your story. 

We will do all of that with a two-pronged approach:
-Through learning some nitty-gritty basics of digestive health and how to seamlessly incorporate detoxifying, nourishing, energizing and pleasurable care into your daily routine to unblock and unlock on a physical level.
-Through uncovering stories about your health and life that will help you release what’s been weighing you down energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

This deeply transformative, yet still really FUN experience is going to help you:
-Stop procrastinating on taking care of yourself and get past the excuses that keep you from your body’s messages
-Take the first essential steps to heal your physical symptoms, lose weight, detox, sleep better, and feel more energized
-Connect and share with a supportive community, here to promote your empowerment, creativity, healing, and growth in a fun and accessible way
-Learn how to use your body and your story as vehicles for your transformation
Create a new level of awareness in your body that will lighten you up physically, emotionally and spiritually for the Spring and Summer seasons and beyond!

This is NOT for you if:
-You take your symptoms only at face value and aren’t willing to look beyond them
-You have no need for a supportive and healing community of incredible people
-You’re not willing to take personal responsibility and get out of victimhood or even attachment to your story as defining all of you

Here’s how it’s structured:
-Workshop on May 20th, 2017 Brooklyn, NY 4:15-8:00pm

Attendance is by donation. Attendance by donation is something I've never done before and I consider it my gift to you. Join me and give whatever you can! 

Team Northrup Telegathering

Tuesday, February 7th 2017

Our times, they are a changing. We wake to a new day with the heaviness of uncertainty no matter where you land on the ideological spectrum! We must discuss. We must connect. Writing the title of this short description was difficult to complete. In search of…connection and love? In search of…stability and health? In search of…fill in the blank.

Whatever fears are surfacing for you, know that you are not alone and know that you have the power within you to ride this storm out. It’s an opportunity to call on your inner strength. Fear is a guidance system not a way of being. Whatever your dharma, whether it’s to speak loudly in action or quietly in stillness, both require the wisdom of your intuition. As Collette Baron-Reid describes, “Your intuition is your first sense - the primary navigational system of your soul - not your sixth”

Trust this first sense. Take time to get quiet and relax into the moment so you can hear your own brilliance. It’s an opportune time to take responsibility for your health, your relationships while co-creating the kind of life you want with the Divine, despite what is happening around you.

As Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day remind us…love actually is all around. So, let your love and your light shine forever more and your life will follow suit. Trust this!

Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister, Penny Northrup Kirk, as they discuss the power of choice during these unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

Immediately following the telegathering, join Team Northrup leaders, as they teach you how to harness the power of the health-wealth connection with Team Northrup and our product partner, USANA. This thirty-minute call will give you an overview of our clinically tested and proven products, how to earn residual income with Team Northrup, and how we use personal growth as a business building strategy in a supportive community.

FREE Telegathering with Team Northrup

October 2016

We are Social Creatures

Belonging to something greater than ourselves is as significant as food, water and shelter. The rapport we feel when we bond with another is baseline sustenance for self-esteem and success in life. Every relationship we build fosters a deepening connection to our inner selves and sets into motion the way toward enduring self-knowledge.

Healthy connections with others spark hope, joy and love. Just as when two pipes connect, water flows and when electrical wires connect, energy flows and yet, when two or more hearts connect, personal power explodes. We become mirrors for one another as our potential actualizes…free from previous, oftentimes, unconscious restraints.

Our ability to cultivate a sense of belonging is at an all-time high. There is no excuse for remaining isolated. Find something you believe in and you’re sure to find others wanting the same. It is beautiful to witness the rise of social media, the impact it has had on our culture and how it is allowing anyone who dares to, to rise up, become powerful and create new worlds.

I am blessed to belong to a tribe of healthy entrepreneurs who provide a space for this and more. If you want health and you want community and you have desired to combine the two into a right livelihood, then Team Northrup and USANA Health Sciences may be what you have been seeking.
Connect with others in 20 different countries and be a part of the movement to spread the message of true health to the world. Our product partner, USANA, has raised the bar on nutritional sciences, they have cracked the code on connecting and communicating with our cells in ways that was once only a speculation.

Please join Dr. Christiane Northrup and Penny Northrup Kirk to learn more about how you can have more sustenance in your life with a vibrant community, personal well-being while also being of service to others.

Healthy Happy Hour

March 2016

Healthy Happy Hour is coming to NYC!

Topic: Understanding the Glycemic Index.

I will discuss the following:
- The glycemic index what it is and what it means to you
- Why diets fail
- How the information presented can help you whether you
want to add lean muscle, release excess weight, or maintain
your current weight

Team Northrup December Call 
Tuesday, December 15

Shine Your Light!

We live our lives within polarities, light and dark, love and fear, good and bad, and positive and negative. One does not exist without the other. Yet it is our birth right to choose one over the other. As electrical beings we emit energy with the choices we make through our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. We feel it when we walk into a room. Have you noticed that as the dark gets darker the light becomes even brighter? Aligning with people who choose pleasure over fear is available like never before. Team Northrup is a tribe of light workers, who have aligned to spread love, light and optimal health across the glove. In the season of giving, align with pleasure, shine your inner light and spread the message of love. Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk to hear more about how choosing pleasure can bring your inner light and increase your prosperity! 

Immediately After: Team Northrup Opportunity Call

Immediately following the telegathering, join Team Northrup leaders, Julie Gindin Harvey and Maggie Pierce as they teach you how to harness the power of the health-wealth connection with Team Northrup and our product partner, USANA. This thirty-minute call will give you an overview of our clinically tested and proven products, ho wot earn residual income with Team Northrup, and how we can use personal growth as a business building strategy in a supportive community. 

Wellness Fair

What is more important than knowing how to properly take care of your body?

Join us for this fun, action-packed event, all centered around helping LSNYC employees take better care of themselves! You will be able to experience multiple personalized sessions to teach and provide fantastic, informational presentations. An exciting raffle will take place with a chance to win gift certificates and products galore! Take this opportunity to feed off of the positive energy and find your wellness motivation – and above all, have FUN!


Your body has wisdom. Learn how to listen to it! 

Join us for a RESTART cleanse with Jessica Shepard focusing on food and mood, digestive health, reducing sugar cravings, health tips and tools. It will be fun, interactive and delicious. Clean up your digestion, boost your immune system, shed excess inflammation and regain vitality, vibrancy and energy! 

Be the Boss of Your Gut

You think you "eat healthy" but you know that you need some further insight and support. What about great support from an experienced practitioner, but also from other fabulous people, to learn effective and proven ways to get things moving along and ready to feel more vibrant, energized, flowing, light and free in your body (not to mention more FUN). 

In my workshop you will:

  • Gain an intricate understanding of how foods affect your mood and which ones you truly need to feel great, all the time.

  • How your digestive health is the ruler of all and what to do about it!

  • Learn to decode your body’s messages and sharpen your intuition!

  • Feel empowered about your decisions knowing that what you're doing will help heal your gut/brain connection and in turn, so much more.

  • Have a day to completely unplug from the NYC hustle and bustle and really get the support and nurturing you need.

  • Eat some great food.

  • Play, learn, connect and network!

Live Demos -  Chakra Work - Self-Care Opportunities - Music - Good Conversation

FREE Telegathering

November Telegathering | Poverty Consciousness: How to Spot it and How to Cure It

Many of us spend our lives hearing, explaining, complaining, or worrying about what we dont have enough of. We dont have enough time, rest or exercise. Were not thin enough, or smart enough or pretty enough. This mantra of not enough becomes a kind of default setting for our thinking about our entire life. This mind-set of scarcity is also deeply embedded in our relationship with money. In the mind-set of scarcity, our lives become an expression of fear. Join leading women s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup with her daughter, Kate Northrup, and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk for an intimate, 30-minute call to discuss how they have recognized and stepped out of this outdated scarcity mentality.

Webinar Title: What Everyone Ought to Know About Creating Real Wealth

Here's what we're going to teach on the webinar: 

  • The truth about cash flow that no one’s ever told you

  • How you can build a thriving, sustainable business that aligns with your passion

  • How to get paid multiple times on work you did once

  • How to make money while being of service

  • How to be a part of the creating-health movement

  • Why time, not money, is your most valuable asset and how to maximize it

  • The definition of financial freedom and how to achieve it

  • 6 questions you need to ask when evaluating any business opportunity
    The business model of the future and why you need to be a part of it

  • Who our product partner is and why we chose them

  • The first steps you need to take to get started with The Freedom Family

Free Telegathering

Team Northrup Telegathering | Money: A Love Story

Money maven Kate Northrup shares her NEW book (released this week) with us! Money: A Love Story is about identifying the value of things in your life and seeing who you truly are in relation to money. Like other relationships, living happily with money really comes down to love. Join Kate Northrup as she shares about her brand new book and leading women’s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk as they share their money love stories. And best of all, it’s FREE!

The Soul-Centered Success Gift-Away

Get These Tips and Tools for the Evolution of Your Work & Soul NOW

No matter what you want for yourself, creating it with poise, balance, powerful planning, inner connection, focused intention, self-care and self-love are of the utmost importance. That's the true definition of Soul-Centered Success.

Many of the wise and fabulous members of my Soul-Centered Leadership Mastermind have come together to share with you their most powerful tools, tips, and lessons for creating Soul-Centered Success in your life, health, home, career, creativity, parenting, and so much more!

Enjoy gifts from these 24 intuitive, knowledgeable, and soul-centered experts (plus an extra gift from me)...and tell everyone you know about it! 

Monty Taylor interviews Jean Houston on Living Consciously 

Our very special and honored guest DR. JEAN HOUSTON will speak about the messages, mysteries, and mysticism of myths and stories. Call them Gods, Guides, Heroes, or Heroines, this week we will explore, in the hands of this accomplished expert, visionary thinker, teacher, and philosopher, the legacy they have left us in Myths. We will discuss her latest of nearly thirty books, The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons From Oz, a masterful work that speaks to the profound nature within each of us that is yearning to break free of the confines of the physical world. 

As we enter a new doorway of Human Potential, she will help us navigate this time of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs. The secret wisdom of myths and stories, teaching real-life lessons about our human experience. So many great lecturers and writers speak to us about the myths. Jean Houston has a gift of letting the myths speak directly to us. They counsel us as we embark on the journeys we take to achieve what we need in order to grow. But more importantly, these mythic archetypes announce to us the nature of our own time. They ask us to see them in new and fresh perspectives. They bring us messages of a time of change and deeper meanings. Jean Houston uses the keys of applied research and the gift of story telling to help us understand the world's mythologies and the secret wisdom they contain. We will discuss how the subjects we consider to be mysteries and mysticism are the allegories and battle plans for taking action in our lives. This is happening all over the globe, and Jean Houston will help us navigate this time of breakdowns and breakthroughs. We are entering a new doorway on the development of Human Potential.


Group Creativity Coaching

This could be for you if you:

  • struggle with staying consistent in your creative work

  • tend to get isolated in your process and want to be connected and supported

  • desire structure and accountability

  • have a deep desire to bring forth your creative ideas into the world (or just discover what they are)

  • believe in the healing and transformative power of art and creative expression

  • want to move into the bigger vision you see for yourself

What can you accomplish in a session with me?

Clarity. I’ll help you sort through the questions and clutter in your mind, pulling out the key themes and key areas to put your focus on.
Connection. To your deepest self. To your visions.
A plan. Action steps. Motivational moments (and sometimes dances) that will get you pumped to do your thing.
Results. Really.

The Gratitude Project

A day to expand your success, joy, and abundance. 

"How to Create More Abundance In Your Life by Rewriting Your Money Story"

Conference call with Dr. Christiane Northrup and team.

Telegathering: The Art of Asking for Help!

Happy Spring Everyone!! Tonight 8pm Team Northrup Telegathering. 'The Art of Asking for Help'.