Healthy Living Overhaul

For those who are committed to having A+ health.

This truly individualized program will show you how to be your body’s best friend. In six months you will learn how to truly nourish your body (and watch your mind and spirit follow!). If you’re ready for a transformative awakening, this customized program will empower you to get there with steady support, ample ah-ha moments, and lifestyle changes that you can actually keep.

The Healthy Life Overhaul is my most popular program, perfect for those who are MORE than just curious about how incredible life is when you’ve made your whole health a priority—and ready to make it happen with a loving, experienced coach who really listens. If it’s time to shed old habits, stop feeling “blah”, and live a life that you’re madly in love with, this program is for you.

Each month you’ll get two 55 minute coaching sessions to support you making the changes you want, recipes that will become your favorite staples, simple handouts to help everything sink in, and unlimited email support in between sessions.