Words From The Heart

Behind the scenes, creating anything out of my own comfort zone brings a lot up for me. What I mean by “comfort zone” is the part of me that wants to hide out (in a sense) and not be seen—I just want to help support people to become their best selves in whatever way that means for them. But part of that for me means stepping it up also and seeing where I need to improve, as well. I’ve been wanting to bring more groups together again. I love and appreciate the work I am doing and have been able to do one-on-one with people, and yet I also know the magic that happens within a group and the ways that we all are better having come together to uplift, support, and learn from the collective. A group is its own entity— its own living, breathing organism all to itself, and that is a unique thing! I love that.

I have to be honest with you: the creation process for me can be really challenging sometimes— so much that it often makes me want to quit like 20 times a day. But then I push forward and reach out for help and support from the people who “get me” (that is a HUGE GIFT). Because guess what people: we are all just creating our lives as we go along, and that can be a strange, confusing, and FANTASTIC thing, and we ALL need help along the way. 

I’m sure you’ve gone through this in some way or another- trying to take on things that scare you, maybe even consume you! I know what it's like. You will never feel like doing the stuff that scares you. You can't listen to those feelings. It’s more about what you want and desire badly enough. Our brains seek comfort, so they want to quit. Taking risks is not “comfortable”. So you have to go back and override those feelings. You have to do it. You have to do it for yourself. The temporary discomfort of this is what leads you to what you actually want.

And it's worth it. Today, another client of mine emailed me in response to my workshop and told me that it came at the perfect time for her. I was shocked to hear from her!! Gosh I’m glad I didn’t quit. See we just never know until we try what surprises may come from taking those steps; one step at a time DOES lead to great leaps. I know this is true for all of you, and that can show up in all sorts of ways in our lives, having nothing to do with what my version is. It’s what YOUR STORY is. 

Just remember: when things get hard, when you’re trying to face the things you’re scared of or that you want to avoid, return to the basics. Breathe, rest, listen to your body's messages, take things one bit at a time, and turn to the people you know who love and care about you. You’re never as alone as your mind may tell you….