Celebrate the Harvest

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” 
― Eckhart Tolle

 Hello Friends!

Can you see the light changing and days getting shorter? And so it goes....summer into fall. It happens...every year, just like all life cycles, and cycles of the body-- they keep going and we let go of what was and prepare for the next. We celebrate the fruits of each season and embrace the new as change happens. I often fight some of these changes; we all do sometimes. Change and transformation is what we are here to do, at whatever pace that means as it's the very nature of life, and yet it's also what we fear and resist. It's funny how on the other side of that resistance is often what we are meant to become---our brighter and better selves. An apple seed just wants to become an apple- that's all it's trying to do. Sometimes I wish it were that simple in our minds. Our bodies know though. 

I just returned from a 5 day intensive Wise Women Ritual and Master Facilitator Training in North Carolina where we talked a lot about life cycles that we all experience. One aspect of that is the HARVEST and how important it is that we really celebrate the accomplishments in our lives (no matter how seemingly "large or small"), otherwise we can't really move on fully. Or we just simply miss out on all of what our lives are!

I made a comment about how so much of what I do I just take for granted and march on-- I miss out on the harvest. What I mean is-- I don't always stop to take in what I am accomplishing and figure that whatever it is-- it's "just what I do". We minimize the greatness of our daily lives when really we all have ways that we could tend to our own harvests much more.

What about your life - are you just taking all the many things you do and who you truly are for granted as "no biggie"? (Hint* this is NOT the part where you compare yourself to others! This is where you take a real look at the fruits of YOUR labor; we all have them.)

And, speaking of fruits to harvest--- what I love is that every month and every season has it's "featured bad-ass produce" to enjoy hot off nature's press ; )

Here's a list of September's seasonal produce:

Apples Berries Cantaloupe Grapes Pears Tomatoes Broccoli Carrots Fennel Kale Cauliflower Pumpkin Radicchio Peppers

Now is the part in the cycle to EAT these babies! Raw, steam them, bake them, sautee them, puree them into a smoothie, chop them into a salad- just get them in your beautiful bodies. Local farmers, farmers markets, and fab folks with gardens should be your best friends. Enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor AND these! 

Adding seasonal produce to your lives:
1. Ensures you're eating the freshest stuff available
2. Guarantees you're putting nutrient dense food into your body daily
3. Helps add prebiotic fiber to your gut which aids in greater digestive health
4. Gives you the chance to practice your master chef skills to prepare for the cooking show you've been dreaming of hosting! (what!??)