Journey of Revival

I recently returned from an epic journey. Every year at this time, I find something really great to do for myself in honor of my birthday. Each time it's something different depending on where I am and what's going on. This year I knew I was in deep need of some really genuine restoration, revival, inspiration, learning and delving into essential time for myself. So, I worked hard, took a giant leap, and thankfully invested in something I've wanted to do for many years! 

I enrolled in a program in Puerto Rico at the Ann Wigmore Institute for a two week immersion and certification. Let me tell you, I have NEVER gone away for that long at this time of year! It was by far, one of the best decisions I've ever made. I miss being there and it's been a somewhat challenging transition back, but rewarding none the less. Much of what was covered in the classes I already knew and use in my work, and it was still wonderful to review and experience taught in different ways along with many things I hadn't tried before or forgotten. It was a bit like summer camp, I stayed in a dorm, met people from all walks of life and from all over the world, gathered in one place to learn and practice better ways to care for themselves and loved ones. I felt a new vibration inside of myself, or really one that needed to be woken up. We all need to find ways to ignite the flames at various points along the way.

I wrote my intentions and desires before leaving for my trip. Pretty much everything I wrote about, I received. The best part of that was knowing there's always room for the unknown to take place. Sometimes we don't even know what it's actually going to feel like to feel renewed! We say we need rest, or a break, or "time off", or to challenge our minds with new stimulus and different people or another environment, yet when we get it and things click, it's like..."oh wow, now I get it, I really DID need that!!!" 

Returning to still very cold weather was a bit startling, yet I know that soon spring will kick into gear and pink buds will be popping on those trees. I'm ready for that! I went from 84 degrees and a sweet ocean breeze, back to New York winter remnants, and NOW heading back from working at the wonderful Good Commons retreat center in Vermont (also cold!) for the weekend (and my birthday)! 

I certainly feel even more excited now than ever to share the things I learned with my clients! And, I'm planting a seed NOW...I am planning and intending to bring my own group of people to this same place in Puerto Rico next year (or sooner!). I'm looking at dates and taking names of people interested. It's going to be AMAZING. Truly.