New Beginnings and Fresh Change This Spring

Getting outside amidst the burst of spring after what feels like an endless winter always comes with some relief. Ahhhh change. It helps remind me that change is inevitable in all relationships. And everything is really about relationship, how we relate to others, our bodies, food, money, business, nature. In some way or another we hold a kind of relationship with everything and it all changes at one point or another and certainly as we age. 

I often resist some of those changes and have a hard time letting go of what was, especially when it comes to close relationships with people. Ultimately those kind of changes are "for the best," even though it usually doesn't feel that way at the time. Other changes are easy for me, like the seasons or discovering new places. It's quite a mix, as I'm sure it is for some of you as well. That's part of life's cycles forever, so finding acceptance helps. 

This past week I was at a coaching retreat which, always helps get me back on track with essential parts in myself and my business that are about change and growth. It's great to be in a supportive community to know I'm not alone in these experiences and allows me to be so much more present, available and helpful for my fantastic clients, friends and family. Thanks for being a part of that!

Spring makes me think of one of the best new beginnings I knew I had to make. Several years ago I made a leap to enroll with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and really up-level the work I do with my clients. I bought myself that gift. Getting certified through IIN has not only blessed my health counseling practice, it has made an enormous difference in my own life. I opened up my world even more and it continues to be that way. 

As I speak with my clients and friends this spring about renewing commitments to our health, I am constantly reminded of what an amazing experience being a student at IIN was, what great friends I made, and how much I use my knowledge on a daily basis and continue to deepen my learning all the time. 

Enough kale already!

Speaking of change, I'm going to be maybe the first health counselor to publicly share my annoyance with
kale lately...

Firstly, I do love kale, don't get me wrong, its super duper.
Secondly, put down the kale!!

Am I confusing you? Well, too much of a good thing can even be, well, just too much!
We need to mix it up people. Why are we neglecting so many other wonderful green edibles? 

If you've been diagnosed with a thyroid condition then kale (and other foods) aren't what you need to be eating. This is just one thing I'm happy to talk with you more about should you have further questions. For now, I would like to open you up or remind you to take full advantage of:


  • kidney supporting and toxin removing dandelion greens
  • potassium loaded, cute fiddlehead ferns
  • super cleansing and immune boosting peppery watercress
  • calcium rich spicy arugula
  • inflammation reducing sorrel
  • folic acid filled pea shoots
(to name just a few faves)