Sending you some Winter Solstice love.

Hellooo darling friends! 

Are you feeling that inevitable darkness of winter happening? You know, that inward, more quiet and hibernating time of shorter spans of daylight and craving Vitamin D inspired daydreams? I am!! As I sat down to write you a message I was flooded, as usual, with 10 topics I wanted to share with you. In my effort to write and consolidate ideas, I remembered that 1) It's that "gift giving time of year" and 2) Isn't it always a time to give a gift? Both are true in MY book. 

The culturally imposed stress of: Ready? Get set....SHOP! has always amazed me and felt strange. Perhaps that's because I didn't grow up with a Christmas tree or just my keen awareness of how nice it is to just give when I feel like it--all year long! It's more of a sweet surprise that way. I like that. But here we are, and in the spirit of this time of year, I will give you a few seasonally appropriate heartfully-healthful things!

1) Hepasil : Truth be told, it can be a time when our liver needs some extra lovin. Have you hugged your liver today? Phase 2 detox pathways of the liver are supported by the help of green veggies (load it up y'all!), AND liver lovin' herbs such as Milk Thistle, green tea (see recipe below!) and tumeric to name a few. And of course I have a fabulous supplement I recommend for helping you with mega liver lovin. It's called Hepasil. You can toast to THAT with your holiday bubbles! 

2) Hydrate : Speaking of you liver, December can also be a time where hydration needs a big boost with the additional alcohol that is often consumed and the need for added immune support. I love talking about bodily functions and I also am a big fan of our kidneys (the liver's BFF, awww!). Your urine is your blood having been filtered by your kidneys. When we understand this, it can help make hydration a focus, not just because we've read how important water is, but because we want to take care of our kidneys- they have a VERY big and important job to do! AND, you are supposed to pee! I love pee breaks! It's good for you! Go do it now, (without your phone) and take five long slow deep breaths while you're at it. Ahhhh...

3) Love yourself : It is also a time when we gather to celebrate the year and usually that's over sharing a meal. You can still be mindful in the moment AND enjoy what's available! We are SO lucky to live in a place where we get to choose what we take in. Such a bounty we have access too, it's just amazing. Usually my advice to people around a big meal is basically: "Eat the pie. Savor and appreciate it. Chew slowly. Smell it, taste it and then, forget it! Move on." Beating up on yourself will only make you overeat (or do whatever it is you're feeling bad about) again sooner. FACT. The truth is, the best way to recover from a day of indulging in a big meal is to indulge in kindness. Remember it is what you do everyday that impacts on your health, not what you do sometimes.

4) Be aware : It is a time of year when we come together with people we love (hopefully!) and partake in more leisure activities that we enjoy. Be aware when you are doing something you love...** It is actually biochemically impossible to be stressed and feel grateful at the same time! Think about that. When you truly feel gratitude and joy you CANNOT feel stressed or bad. So bring awareness to what you do and soak up the fun of it, don't miss out on that....

5) Treat yourself : Last but not least, if you need a nourishing gift idea (for YOURSELF, or someone else), don't forget gift certificates for *massage, a *holistic health coaching consult session and my personal fav-- The whole Sense skin care line I swear by and use. YUM! It's paraben-free, pure botanicals and self preserving system rock. I LOVE the Firming Body Nourisher, it's totally divine and not pricey at all! So necessary. A dose of dry brushing followed up with that? YES PLEASE!! Here's the link for that.

With Warmth, Light during the darker times, and always...LOVE,
Your good-life go-getter, 





Immune-boosting Green Tea Latte

Mood, immune and thermogenesis boosting green tea latte! What an EASY and effective TREAT!

* ½ tsp matcha green tea powder (most health food stores carry it)
* Pinch cinnamon (to your liking)
* 2 Tbs Boiled water
* 1 cup Almond, Rice or Hemp milk (I often Coconut Milk or my homemade almond milk). Don't use dairy milk as it actually blocks the absorption of the beneficial parts of the green tea!
* 1 or 1/2 tablespoon pure coconut oil (optional but I always add it, so many good reasons why we need it.)
* ¼ tsp vanilla extract
* ½ tsp raw honey, stevia, to taste (optional)

1. Whisk together the matcha powder, and cinnamon with the water until fully dissolved.
2. Meanwhile warm the "AMOC" (Alternative Milk Of Choice) in a saucepan until hot, but not boiling. Pour in the green liquid and the vanilla extract. Next using a handheld immersion blender OR place all in a blender (or shake vigorously if using a hand held bottle), blend the tea & milk till fully incorporated, since the milk is warm it should just naturally froth up. Taste, and add preferred sweetener if too bitter (this will depend on the type and grade of matcha you have)
3. Pour into a mug and enjoy.
Want to get off the roller coaster?
I just got done leading an incredibly powerful and successful group RESET. We had families, individuals and couples from around the country join in to stabilize their blood sugar, and upgrade their health. It was truly an honor to facilitate the group, and I'm already gearing up to offer it again in the new year because it's being requested!! 

Here is what one participant had to say about her experience:

"One of the other great benefits was really enjoying veggies (this was especially true for my husband, who is a foodie, but has always focused more on meat and starches (pasta, potatoes, rice...). 
I cooked fresh veggies every day, and they tasted wonderful. Now we crave them. We think more about everything we put in our mouths. We avoid empty starches, and reach for protein, veg, fruit. I drink a lot more water. And I noticed that wine makes me HUNGRY, and so do sweet things! Great lessons, thanks to YOU and RESET!"

I'm now taking names for the next Reset group, which already promises to be bigger and better than the last. I'm offering group coaching calls, one on one support where necessary, a private Facebook group, email support, and more.