Setting Holistic Health Goals

With a new year comes a "reset button" of sorts, and for many of us it also means remembering or recommitting to goals, desires and ways we want to feel (notice I did NOT say "resolutions"--that is SO 1995!)

One of my past goals was to connect with people through different mediums. That's right... I'm talking videos. (See more on my video challenge below). I knew it was time to shift my energy and one way to do that is to do something that scares you a bit-- or pushes your comfort zone because that is one of the ways we grow. 

Whether you've recently reconnected with any goals/dreams/visions/deep desires or not for yourself, consider these things as you move forward into a new time...

Your Authentic Inner Voice
Goals, dreams, desires -- all that-- usually consist of some form of actions we can take: meditate more consistently- or at all, try a yoga class, cook more nourishingly, manage our finances differently-- the list goes on and on. While the actions themselves have benefits, sometimes we forget to ask oursevles why we've chosen those action steps at all. Why do you want to cook more nourishingly? Is it to feel better about yourself? To have more energy? To find joy in your body and all it's capable of or heal some inflammation?

Knowing why you want to achieve something is just as important as achieving it because it will give you a glimpse into what you really need. If you're wanting to lose weight to have more energy, you may want to try different types of exercise than if you're wanting to find out what your body is capable of. One reason we fail in our goals or desires is because we never asked our body for wisdom in why we need to accomplish that goal in the first place-- we just think we are "supposed to do it". 

Everything Ties Together
Our body and mind are connected, which means they need to be allowed to connect in regards to goals. Maybe one of your goals is to be a more free person; free of others expectations, free of guilt, whatever it may be. Your spirit craves freedom, so what is your body doing to cage it in? Are you not wearing that dress because of fear of others' opinions, or not reaching out to create a new community for yourself because you're "too busy" (and using that excuse to remain hidden from your true self)? When a goal appears from the outside to be in a certain category (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.), ask yourself how it relates to the other categories so your whole person knows what the goal is and can achieve it. 

I'm feeling "bashfully excited"  to share my 'Simply Fabulous video challenge' with you. 

I decided to make a one minute video every day for 30 days to connect with others and, in a new way, to continue to be of service in a healthy, creative and fun way AND to do something that terrified me. My goal with each video is to bring simple things to enrich your life. It's pushed me to do things that scare me and have held me back for a very long time. To me, this is just as much a part of holistic health as how we fill our plates or get massages-- it's all connected and all important to care for.