Spring and Your Health Checklist!

As Spring approaches, I am reminded that with the sunshine comes a time to practice self-love for my body. It can be more natural to focus on internal health and growth during the winter months, because the cold makes it easier for us to look inward, feel more calm, and to store up that energy. Just as Mother Nature uses winter as a time of rest, our bodies and minds do the same. And, as Mother Nature uses Spring to burst forward with life and color, we have the opportunity to follow her lead! 

As the season for sunshine and being outdoors comes up, focus some intentionality on your physical being.

Get Dirty!
Getting dirty can be exposure to common bacteria, and common bacteria are good for you. When they routinely inhabit our bodies, they can produce vitamins and proteins we need to help make our immune and gastrointestinal systems work. That's why kids love to play in the dirt, right? Getting dirty also usually involves exercise of some sort; going on a walk, taking a hike, spending the day running along the beach - all of these get your heart rate up, and will leave you feeling fabulous. 

Check out community-supported agriculture. 
When you sign-up for weekly deliveries or pickups, you get access to seasonal produce, flowers, and eggs, while local farmers get a guaranteed income base. Most seasons run from late spring through early fall. Visit http://www.localharvest.org/csa/ to find the CSA program near you. The other benefit of supporting local agriculture is that it gives you the opportunity to eat good food - food that is back to the basics, allows you to do more home cooking, and is sourced close to home.

Listen to your body. 
Whether it's your heartbeat, your hurt knee, your level of fatigue, your love for the sensation of speed skating that you're always ignoring - there are always messages there. Part of listening to your body is taking care of it before that pain comes up. Prevention is always easier than the cure, and that means keeping up on the right screenings, immunizations, and exams (even if you feel healthy!). This helpful graphic below from www.forhims.com gives you a list of what tests, etc. you should be getting done based on your age.


I hope that as this new season of warmth unfolds, you feel sunshine within your soul, freedom in your own skin, and excitement for a time of blooming and beauty. Happy Spring!