What I'm Up To

April is the first month where it fully feels like spring - in all it's fickle ways. Flowers are poking out and it slowly feels a little like a heavy burden has been lifted after a long winter. Do you feel that way? I also know it's a time when we begin feeling like we want to 'lighten up' as we seasonally transition. 

What heavy burden needs to be lifted from you this spring? Is it an emotional load, a challenging relationship, over-eating, physical pain that just won't go away? Maybe just the feeling of day-to-day life feeling flat? If you still need to shake off the last of the winter blues and start blooming with all of your potential this spring, take a cue from the flowers.

Spend Time Outside
Get outside and get moving. I mean just breathe outside! The Earth is waking up, the ground below is slowly thawing, rejuvenated and ready - let some of that energy pass on to you. Literally place your hands on the ground and touch it, make contact with the dirt! Take a long walk, or sit on your balcony at night and enjoy the longer days. Just get out there and get some sun in your face even when the air is still cool. 

Time To Rest
Many flowers close in once the sun sets; this allows them to stay protected, conserves and revitalizes their energy, and ensures that they're ready to bloom bright and early the next morning. If you need to lighten your load a bit, try living this way. Meditation can be a simple five or ten minutes using an app to lead you. Make a commitment to go to sleep earlier, and allow your body to reset its energy for the next day.