Vegetable-Flax Tortillas


(14 tortillas)

10 cups yellow squash, diced
5 cups yellow pepper
3 cups golden flax meal (soaked and sprouted if possible)



1. Place diced squash, yellow pepper and ground flax into a food processor.

2. Process until smooth.
3. Spread mixture1⁄4 inch thick onto a silicone dehydrating sheet.

(Cover full sheet and cut into square shapes after drying or place on

the sheet in round shapes.)

4. Dehydrate at 105 degrees for nine hours or until the top is very dry. 

5. Place a dehydrator tray (without silicone sheet) on top of the tortillas.

6. Hold the two trays together and turn over onto tray without silicone sheet; peel silicone sheet off back side.

7. Dry again in dehydrator until dry, but not crispy (tortilla wraps should be flexible).

8. Remove and store in a zipper storage bag in the refrigerator.