Rewiring Our Thinking

The old photo here is one from many years ago and one I'll never forget. My family was on a trip together and the place where we were staying had a trampoline right on the beach.

Now, I really love a good trampoline but at the time the idea of jumping on one in my bikini sounded like a nightmare. I'm sure there is no need for explanation for that one. The punch line really is that I decided to get the hell out of my own way and go for it despite things jiggling and feeling self conscious and "huge"-- I mean, when else would I ever have the chance to jump like wild on a trampoline and then leap into the ocean again? I can tell you that I never have done that again since AND that once I started just doing it-- I did NOT care about how it looked AT ALL. All that mattered was the laughter and liberation. Finding ways to take pleasure and joy in our bodies no matter where we are along the way is something I certainly work on with myself and in my work daily. Rewiring our thinking is a huge part of that!!