Now is the Time!

I know, time flies, right? EVERY year people are like, "Wait- how is it August already?" Well my friends, it is, and time waits for no one- not even in the long days of summer. I have always loved summer's bounty, its colorful gardens, playful adventures in the sunshine, and also its growing pains. I remember going to summer camp (I lived for it all year long!). Camp shaped me and taught me how to love better in community and in forming new and important relationships. I learned how to be in nature and have it feed my spirit and also how to enjoy being a creative girl in all ways and have it be appreciated. I learned about love and heartbreak and how to keep going in preparation for the year to come. These things still all are real and true, and I am looking forward to the ways I am going to help you all in the coming months.

I am here to remind you that even though it still is summer, stay connected to the ways in which you deeply desire to transform your painful or somehow "damaging" life experiences. Can you see how an injury, a heartbreak, or a health crisis is not only an opportunity for learning, but also something that somehow serves your existence on this planet? Transform it!

Ask yourself everyday: How badly do I want to feel better in my body? What is it worth, and what is it COSTING me? For example, when I was very sick and in extreme pain about 5 years ago, some days I actually understood why people with chronic pain would want to die (and I am not a suicidal person). But living with that pain is like a constant noise in your ear that no once else can hear. And I still was like, "NO WAY! I am NOT giving up-- I will find a way! I don't know what that means or totally looks like, but I will find it and heal this." I would lay in bed thinking things like, "If someone told me that I had to move to Mongolia and live in a cave alone for 3 years and THAT would make this pain go away, I would do it." I would make things like that up in my head all the time, thinking that some extreme measure was what it would take. Sometimes it is extreme measures, and sometimes it's about LESS extremes and a hell of a lot more LOVE to let in. So in time, I did find a way, through many things-- life changing and ultimate investment in my wellness-- AND allowing others in to help even more. 
This summer has been full of a lot of serious growing pains for me and I know it has been for many of you, too. SO THE QUESTION IS: HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH— OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER— WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU IF YOU DON'T?..... Please reach out and let me know. It's time.

AND soak up these last gems of matter what!