The Many Wonders of Vitamin D

Several months ago I went to see my lady-parts doctor for an annual checkup. It’s something I actually enjoy (yes it’s true) because it gives me an opportunity to be grateful that I am able to go and have the resources to do so. And also because it reminds me to pay attention to my body in a different way and ask questions. I usually get blood work done to check my levels. This time my doctor said to me, "I'm not letting you get your cholesterol or Vitamin D checked this year. Last year you had the best numbers I have ever seen. You should frame the results, hang them on the wall and keep helping people get healthier because whatever it is you are doing KEEP DOING IT. Don't waste anyone's time or money getting that checked." This of course made me laugh, AND notice how far I have come! I have had all sorts of health ups and DOWNS and yet my doctor told me this.  I also was celebrating the clients I have been fortunate enough to work with, helping them get these results. I LOVE my clients. They inspire me every day.

Why is Vitamin D so important? 

  • Low Vitamin D can contribute to a long list of health issues from depression and low energy to trouble sleeping and Alzheimer's. Vitamin D is essential!
  • Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so to absorb it you need to have it with a healthy fat. 
  • The most Vitamin D-rich foods are actually fatty fish that live in cold waters, like salmon and sardines.
  • So many people have Vitamin D deficiencies without even knowing it, and even people with access to sun exposure. 
  • Studies have shown that a healthy adult can get most of her Vitamin D from 5-30 minutes of direct sunlight without sunscreen while the sun is high in the sky, which means from 12pm-2pm depending on where you live. It doesn’t take a huge amount but one can only reap the benefits if exposed at the right time and place, which often means that careful supplementation is necessary!
  • A Vitamin D supplement can be the perfect complement to your daily intake during the winter months. It’s reasonable to believe that even a person eating a balanced diet might need one. It has helped me a lot!

Would my doc' give your Vitamin D intake a rave review?
Let me know if you need help bumping up your Vitamin D levels.
I am happy to help you experience the huge difference it can make.