"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"

I'm writing this post in honor of spring, my recent birthday, and because it feels that it's finally time to reach out to my community in a different way. 

Upon returning from a very fulfilling trip to Mexico recently I quickly had a realization in a way I've never quite felt it before. I gave myself ample time to relax, and upon my return it hit me---WOW I do a lot! Not only that, I can be so hard on myself when I don't do what I want or think I "should." In some ways I definitely knew all this, but I really felt the greatness of what that is as I very consciously entered my life after being away and totally removed from all I'm constantly doing. Taking this kind of break to unplug was really essential for me and SO rare. I had time and space to continue thinking about a lot, such as a topic that fascinates me: the things that scare or hold me (and others) back. What powerful forces! 

Why am I telling you this? Because THIS is one of those big things that scares and has held me back; proclaiming the work I'm doing and sharing it with everyone! The pressure and desire to share myself more publicly has been my baby growing (for much longer than 9 months), and I feel as though my water just broke! With spring awakening and my personal 2012 doors swinging open-- I guess I feel like, if not now, then when? I'm coming out of hiding, however reluctantly. 

Just as important is my desire to ask you to look at what scares you and how it effects your health. What aspects of your health are you neglecting? Where do you KNOW that enough is enough and that it's time to reach out, take action, and perhaps even allow someone to help support and guide you in ways you never have experienced before? 

How does that sound eh?

I love the quote "feel the fear and do it anyway." That's what this post is for me and I'm hoping it inspires you to do the same.