Travel and The Body's Ability To Heal

It's the end of September, post Equinox, post blood moon and lunar eclipse...
Times of change, slowly parting with the heat of summer and moving into new seasons, and so it goes. The earth keeps spinning-- weeeeee!  
There are always things about each season that I really love and which I find challenging which is also why I say I live a lifetime in a season--the full spectrum.
The culmination of my summer was about some fruitful travels with family, part of which was spent on a boat at sea. Some of you may know that despite being a traveler I am also a delicate flower when it comes to any "movement" (motion sickness my whole life on planes, cars, boats...once I even puked during an Imax film about a race car, awesome.)
Thick determination to somehow overcome this filled me. I prepared in multiple ways for this week long sea adventure so as to enjoy the experience and stay well.  I read, found meditations, visualizations, wrist bands, "better" Dramamine, essential oils....I filled up my tool kit in anticipation of this momentous occasion wanting so badly to not get sick!
After the second night I felt quite proud of myself for holding it together! And then came one very long night-- apparently one of the roughest nights at sea they'd ever had (pool chairs flying off the side of the boat kind of thing). Not to mention an intense 100 degree day on land maneuvering a densely packed city with 7 people getting lost. So it was "the perfect storm".
I got very very sick.
The kind of sick where anyone who was brave enough to be around me thought there was an exorcism taking place. Who knows, maybe there was. I thought I was going to have to be air lifted out. I eventually made it through and with such great caring souls around me, such incredible loving people to help. What's amazing to me about it is that you still have to go through it. No one can take that away. We have to ride out the storm, and man, it was a rough one!!

The whole trip was incredible, many more chapters I could write about of course. Intense and fulfilling experiences in so many ways. I love experiencing the world, continuously finding ways in which we are inevitably all connected. We travel far and wide sometimes even to find the most familiar things or people we might have met on our own block. I feel so fortunate I'm able to continue experiencing the world and if it weren't for having achieved greater health I wouldn't be able to. 

While I was away I  thought a lot about the concept of "success". Not only success for myself and what it means but also more about how crucial it is for people (in a world filled with social and medias standards) for us all to define for ourselves what that truly means and why.
What does success really mean to you? 
It may mean a variety things and those things change based on various factors in life over time. For example, for me at times when I have had some extreme health struggles, the only "success" I really cared about was regaining true health, at all costs! Without that, nothing else could even happen it seemed. 
Recently, when I went to get my blood work for a full scale check up from two different sources, one of the doctors said: "I'm not letting you get your cholesterol or Vitamin D checked this year. Last year it was the best numbers I have ever seen, you should frame the results and hang them on the wall and keep helping people get healthier because whatever it is you are doing KEEP DOING IT. Don't waste anyones time or money getting that checked". HA!! This has not always been the case, fyi!
Then I got the two completely different sets of results back-- ALL GREAT. The doctor called me again and said: "You win". I laughed so hard. Wow, I've come a long way and learned so so so much through it all. This is coming from someone (ie: me) who has naturally HEALED her thyroid off of meds, healed her long time iron deficiency, raised her low Vitamin D levels and healed serious kidney issues and especially my digestive health, which is actually linked to all of those other things.  
Why am I sharing this?
Because not only have I made it my life's work to continue helping others find true health for themselves in multiple ways, but also as a reminder for myself and anyone else, that although I am totally in great health, it doesn't mean I'm invincible! (Wait, what?!)
I came back from traveling over seas and was not well for a few weeks. All kinds of intense symptoms that really threw me for a loop. It was a scary feeling. Luckily I knew what to do to take care and get the support I needed. Had I NOT been in better health to begin with I think I would have been much worse off.
I trust in my bodies wisdom while reducing stress, getting rest, and asking for help. Sometimes we need to step away AFTER we have just been away.
We need to be patient with ourselves and our bodies in their healing process. Just like seasons, they run their course.
It takes whatever time it takes, no matter what you are going through or what deadline you have at work or whatever else is going on outside of you. It can wait.The world goes on no matter what and wow do I feel better now! Well equipped to better serve you people, and so much more.