Hey Summer

"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." -Bob Marley

One thing I'm continually learning more about. Letting go in one way or another actually helps us live in a better state of mind and restore our balance. Liberating! It also allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to step back from situations that don't belong to us. It frees us from unnecessary stress and others to take more responsibility for their own lives. Plus it can be FUN to let go of the reigns!

Oh summer time, where ever did you run off to?


I swear I had planned to write you all stories of my time in Italy in April, of the truffle hunting adventures and share fun foodie tales of farm to table feasts and Italian countryside style (spilling over with freshly pressed olive oil of course).


And... I swear I meant to write you during the super densely packed whirlwind that May was as I planned, prepped and presented my workshop on digestive health, food, mood and self care. It turned out to be a wonderful collaboration and collection of people who showed up ready to try new things and connect with themselves and others.


And...I swear June JUST started. A family trip to Portland at the beginning of the month provided us with large doses of hot sunshine, too many food trucks, binging on berries and great coastal hikes, plus my cousin's high school graduation.  

And...I swear I was going to write you immediately after I attended an event here in NY called The Seed. It was filled with a wide variety of people, health conscious products, presentations and films on important health and environmental topics (I'll list below a few of my favorite vendors, there were so many!).


So, please forgive me for not sharing with you in a more timely manner, it's merely a reflection of a full life, with the best of intentions. It's also a desire to find ways to write you all with better consistency on things worth sharing to hopefully help you in some way live your life just a little bit "better," whatever that means to you.  


I'm in another "incubation period" where I'm taking some time to lean back a bit more and allow things to come to me in an "I'm not trying so hard" kind of way. I'm sure much like me, many of you are "unnecessary worriers (in recovery)." It doesn't mean I'm not making consistent efforts (quite the contrary) but also truly finding time for pleasure, daily gratitude and also paying close attention to the magical moments of life and getting to know myself even better. More of ALL of these things to come....


To a great rest of the summer, with love,

Dairy Free
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Those who know me well, know that I am a "blender freak." I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen always playing and concocting things and I swear I DO need to make some videos of this for you all and I will, damn it. All in good time....

On a summer day it sure is fun to make your own "ice cream" and I have many versions of this recipe that I play around with. Non-dairy mint chocolate chip ice cream, YUM. It can be done in any strong blender (and if you need a Vitamix don't forget I can get a discount for you, just use my code: 06-008588. Give it a try!).

2 ounces coconut milk
1 large handful baby spinach (about 1 cup or so)
1/4 teaspoon or 3-4 drops of food grade peppermint oil or mint extract (I use DoTerra's peppermint). You can also add in fresh mint leaves if you have them
1 frozen banana
1/2 avocado
3 tablespoons mini chocolate chips, I recommend either Enjoy LIfe, Lily Sweets baking chips OR my favorite--plain raw cacao nibs! Whatever you fancy (because I know you are fancy)
Add ALL ingredients to the blender, putting the chips in at the VERY END. You may need to stir with a spoon as you blend a little bit at a time.  



OF NOTE! If you are in NYC check out my friend's great service, Green Blender. I've tried it out and it's helpful, healthful and lots of fun!

As a special gift to my community the company is offering $10 off your first week, that's a 20% savings. Just use the code BODYWORK20 when placing your first order.   




A few of the resources I connected with at The Seed recently: 


Go Raw: a company I've used and recommended for years. Sprouted anything is always more nutrient dense and better for your body all around, to say the very least! Plus, better for your digestion, clearly a focal point for me : )


Lulitonix: Delicious blended drinks you'll LOVE and they just opened a new location!   


Batch Organics: Succulent organic bath and body products. Their body oil is divine. 


Get blk: alkaline water filled with minerals our bodies need, plus it's black water, so cool!



Good guts!

I am so excited to tell you that I will be offering a group program coming this fall!  

I have seen so many people (including myself) totally improve their immunity, moods, weight, energy, and SO much more by focusing on maintaining a healthy gut. This extends into several aspects of life.  

My program will be for people who know it's time for a shift and who are ready to take great care of their health. We will go deeper, bigger, and more thorough than what can be covered and learned in just one workshop.  

One does NOT need to be "sick" to join but rather want to prevent/improve/prepare and expand awareness that will help you feel fabulous in your body FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Lighter, better energy, better managed stress levels, improved sleep, mood, creativity, enthusiasm. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with like minded people, have real, solid, consistent support, feedback, and ultimately highly efficient digestion which in turn connects to all other functions of your entire body/mind and spirit. We will make great strides in learning effective ways to take better care and truly nourish yourself in optimal ways.   


Start trusting the messages of your body, learn the signals to de-code and have more fun and pleasure everyday....It's time for YOU.  


Summer special....A half-price holistic health consult one-on-one with me. Let's talk one-on-one about your health goals, where you want to make changes, your health background, and what you can do now!


Who's in?! Email me today with questions.