Don't Let the Winter Blues Take Over

It's that cold time of year again, when all of the holiday "stuff" is long over, and I have noticed many of you are left feeling run down and sick. Everyone can get the winter time blues, but you don't have to let it take control of your life.

What if you treated your body as the trusted and loyal companion it actually is? I mean it. There are ways we can do this every day, even during times when we feel low, in pain or lonely. I know because I experience those things also and work in multiple ways to shift, one day at a time! I just had a call with a client where we talked about the ways to maximize on what I call micro-meditation-moments. Even if you only can stop for 1 minute or less to take some deep breaths -- that counts and is better than not doing it at all. These things build on each other (like an investment :) ).

The things you practice now impact your future self by strengthening your immune system, your microbiome and pretty much every thing else in your life. Relationships of all kinds rely on the ways we develop and deepen self-caring practices. One of my favorite ways of doing this is in small gatherings at places that make me slow down, connect with others and feel good while doing so!