What's Your Body Telling You?

A few weeks ago I met with a fantastic group of people at cityWell for a Winter Wellness Workshop. The whole event exceeded my expectations. Community DOES build immunity. I laughed because the morning of the event I felt just the slightest twinge of a cold coming on and I thought - "Ha, Of course!" The information I am supposed to be teaching is actually what I need to do for myself right now! It was kind of perfect actually. They say we often teach what we need to learn or be reminded of... thank you body for reminding me. :) Soon after the event things cleared up, except another health issue followed. Initially it scared me and then I remembered that there is nothing to be scared of-- I know how to take care and my past does not determine my present. Just because I have had scary health crisis in the past does not mean that's what is happening now. I am in a different place and know what to do sooner than before. Anyone who has had a health crisis might know what this is like. I had to once again really listen to my body and take care of it in a way I might have once ignored, or I may not have even seen the warning signs as quickly. Thankfully, now I know the signs right away! Three people contacted me at the same time to ask what to do about an initial health scare like this because they were going through the same thing! BREATHE I say, that is number one. That will keep you out of fight or flight mode and stress hormones "in check", more REST and more HYDRATION. Those are the top three right away because they allow space for the body to do what it actually knows to do to heal. Then of course there are several other tools I would list that have to be added in. But right away those top things are critical!

During the event I shared ways to help people stay in greater health during the dark winter months. This is not always an easy thing to do, but it CAN be if we listen to the wisdom of our bodies despite our "go go go" culture! It seems that we are all in need of more sunshine, staying energized, and some help with learning how to say NO.