Are you savoring the moments in between?

I am relieved with the arrival of summer. Are you? The lush and vibrant plant life, and the warm invitation to play or lounge outside as much as possible. All of this gorgeousness is refreshing and life-giving. It can also bring forth a ripe and full social time, challenging seasonal allergies, late nights and early mornings with all the light available to us here in this part of the world. Our days get longer, so to speak. ; )

Due to a mix of circumstances I made a move as a radical act of self care. I recently cashed in on some long saved flight miles to meet up with my parents in France. Not so shabby I know--! It was a lot of time with planes/trains and time in transit for a very short, whirlwind of a visit, catching the end of rainy, chilly spring and savoring what I call "the moments in between".

What do I mean by that?

I mean the unexpected, behind the scenes things that occur which clearly are why we need to take that trip amidst everything else going on. The moments in between are to me not only what makes life special but are also the things captured in time that rarely can be shared or captured by any social media or really anything else.

Sometimes we experience a breath of them in our exposure to great film, art, poetry, dance, music-- the things that evoke feelings, senses, memory and nostalgia. But mostly they are their own gems-- they are life that no one sees but you and whoever else may be there.

Why am I writing about this in relation to "holistic health"? Because this is often what people say when I ask them WHY they desire to feel better or heal some particular health issue-- because it often gets in the way of really being able to fully experience the moments in between. Not feeling well can feel like a block or a boulder or a loud noise in your ear all the time that no one else hears and can sometimes rob us of the moments. On the other hand, depending on who you are and how your perception works-- sometimes at our worst-- we can also experience miracles that shine through, though I don't believe that one must always suffer greatly in order to achieve the life you want or the health you deserve.

Are you experiencing the moments in between un-disrupted by digestive distress, nagging physical pain, migraines, anxiety, energy swings, trouble sleeping? Are you struggling to keep up with the pace that summer brings? There's always wisdom in nature, so we're going to turn to it for advice on how to remain in the flow of things. The reason all of these plants are bright and cheery in this season is because they used this winter to rest, to dig deeper roots and take time to be within themselves cultivating underground. Only after they've rooted deeply, stored up energy, spent time just being, do they have that energy to burst forward with such vitality.

If you aren't feeling so jazzed - when was the last time you allowed yourself to really rest? Have you put roots down deeply and intentionally into what feeds your mind, body and soul? If you're already feeling depleted and exhausted this year, it's your body's way of telling you that you need to reconnect, to follow the path that all of us in nature have to follow of rest, restoration, and connection. How you choose to do that is another story and requires helpful tools, daily practices and support.

I'd love to hear from you and find out how we can help you discover a deeper rest that allows you to spring forward with energy, motivation, and a love for life!