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Curious what food and health products Jessica likes? What companies she follows? What books she reads? Find it all here!



Cellular nutrition is the basis for good health. When your cells are fed the nutrients they need, your health will benefit. USANA® Supplements provide the key vitamins and antioxidants needed to keep your body functioning at its best.



Fine and Raw Chocolate

Fine and Raw is run by a really dear friend of mine. He has cracked the code on high quality chocolate making. This is artisanal, raw chocolate produced without dairy. It uses unrefined coconut sugar to extract caramel notes, adding deeper, more vital flavors.



BuckWHAT makes Noshes. Noshes are made with buckwheat because of its superfood nutrients that are naturally gluten-free. They’re made of real food ingredients and absolutely no added sugar. Use Jess20 for 20% off!


Elements Truffles

Elements Truffles is an Ayurveda-inspired line of well-sourced chocolates that taste good and do good - for the body, mind, and community.  Their chocolate is made without dairy, gluten, GMO’s, emulsifiers, soy, cane sugar, refined sugars, or even sugar alcohols. Use HOLIDAY15 for 15% off!




You need good quality matcha. It can be confusing with culinary matcha for baking, green tea powder, and other matcha products that aren't necessarily the good stuff that you want to be making a latte with.  It should be a deep and vibrant green color. I sometimes use the brand Matcha Source plus you get a discount if you sign up for the newsletter, give it a try!



Rasa has done a beautiful job combining some of my all-time favorite herbs and plants into a truly natural, healing and energy-boosting beverage. Some people use it as a coffee alternative though they do have a version WITH coffee added which is also delicious. I also love that it's another very cool female-owned business, based out of Boulder, CO.


Dr. Morgaine-days super shake

It works for the body on so many levels but from a practical perspective I love that it’s quick, raw, has the highest grade nutrition possible, oh! Like you, I’m busy, and the Super-Shake is something I drink on the go throughout the morning to set me up with all my vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins for the day.

Services And Practitioners


Aroma Acupoint Therapy

My friend, Christine Nichols works with essential oils and it's truly phenomenal. I know firsthand how beneficial essential oils can be for practitioners - I use them often in my own life. Christine has been in the healing practice for 15 years and she is very knowledgeable.


In season beauty

I’m a big fan of many kinds of oils and high quality CBD oil one of them. I have been using these both personally and professionally for many years now with positive response and results. If you'd like a discount on well made CBD infused products without any junk added, use the discount code ENJOY10% for 10% off!